Trust Your Gut

Nourish Your Emotions

Your gut and your emotions are a two-way street. They both impact each other.  When you address the state of your gut health, not just the food you eat but your daily nutrition, it has a huge impact on your mental wellness.

The Surprising Way Your Brain and Gut Are Connected

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Trust Your Gut and Take the Next Steps...

Amare is the first company to market products that help people optimize their mental wellness through healing the gut, the brain, and the gut-brain axis.
There's no other company doing what we are doing.

Mental Health vs Mental Illness

Mental health and mental illness are increasingly considered to be the same thing,but they are not.  Everyone has mental health, just like everyone has physical health.  The real question is, what can we do to optimize our mental health and live a life full of mental wellness?

Your Gut is your 2nd Brain

How you feel is not just in your head, it's also in your gut.  Our "second brain" includes the Microbiome and plays a major role in Mental Wellness.  You can now DO something NATURALLY to improve your mental wellness.