My name is Beth Donnelly. I’m from Wauwatosa, WI, outside of Milwaukee, a charming little village which I frequently nickname “Tosa”.

I’m currently enjoying a successful career as the lead Designer for Everbrite, developing ideas ranging from Neon to LED Signage for Fortune 500 companies.  I consider myself fortunate to have an enjoyable career where I get paid to color.  If we meet for a drink at a local bar, do not be surprised if you find me studying all of the Neon/LED signs hanging on the walls.  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I rejoin the conversation … eventually! (warm smile)

In mid-1995ish, I was diagnosed with a condition called Usher Syndrome Type 2 which is a combination of hearing loss (since birth) and in early adult years, signs of progressive blindness.  As the youngest of 6 siblings, I am lucky and fortunate enough to have a built-in support system with 3 other siblings with the same condition.  My parents have done an incredible job raising us as a family of positive, self-sufficient, successful individuals. We are each unique in our own quirky way … okay, so maybe I’m the one that’s the most quirky!  (protecting myself from my siblings pillow attacks)

Fast forward to 2016, I made the difficult, yet wise, smart decision to “hang up the car keys”  … but only until a cure is found to reverse blindness! (warm smile)   For someone who always prided herself in being self-sufficient, giving up driving was really hard at first, yet it opened up “an expanded world” of kindness from supportive family, friends, co-workers with generous offers of help with rides.  And the perfect timing of Uber / Lyft Oh my! Admittedly, I have had my moments of sadness and down times during this transition period.  I miss driving terribly.  Especially those “hop in the car and go explore” moments.  Yet despite these moments, I always find a way to be creative with my travel planning.

Traveling gives me a great sense of freedom and independence.  A long time ago, my Dad jokingly commented that I could never drive by an airport without hopping on a plane!  True! I also enjoy the challenge of looking for good travel bargains.

After a few years of being in the network marketing industry with a couple of amazing companies with high-quality products, I was recently introduced to a new company named iBüümerang, a unique Travel Booking Company that’s currently ranked as the 10th fastest growing company in the world.

Personally speaking. I love working at my full-time job as a Designer.  I also love the potential opportunity to supplement my income to support personal goals:   Support research to cure Blindness, cover the on-going expense of Uber / Lyft and achieve long-term financial goals for myself and my siblings.  We all have our own unique goals so I look at this as an opportunity for amazing growth, both personally and financially. As a self-proclaimed Introverted-Extrovert, how could I succeed in the world of network marketing?  The one lesson I’ve learned in the last few years, is that no matter what your story is, people want to help you if you let them. This was a humbling “aha” moment for someone who always like helping other people FIRST!

Ranked as one of the most technologically advanced Travel Booking Engines in the industry today, iBüümerang is currently the 10th fastest growing company in the world.  I believe with all this support; anyone who work diligently and consistently can reach their personal financial goals.

So don’t be shy.  Take a look. This is your life, you get to design it anyway you’d like!

I’ve had many “God’s Wink” moments in my life … this is another “Wink” for me.  (warm smile)


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