Mel Robbins: 5 Second Rule

"You're Never Going To Feel Like It!"

Every once in awhile, we come across a quote online, or a mini video on the right side bar in YouTube that catches your attention and you start clicking away … uh-oh, endlessly. It’s funny how something catches your eye depending on your frame of mind at that time. Whether you’re happy, laughing, feeling reflective or stressed about something, once you click on a link, suddenly, you see more and more of “that” particular topic or content. Almost feels kinda imposing … yet … it’s not lost on me that perhaps you too had that “one click” that led you here to my blog. (warm smile) And I’m glad you’re here!

The “one click” that caught my attention was Mel Robbins. It happened late Fall 2017, the early days of the long, dark days of Winter here in Wisconsin. I started getting antsy. Restless. My job was good. Life was good, Financially ... umm, don't we all wish it was a little bit better?! (smile) … Generally speaking,  no complaints. But I was looking for something to DO … but what? I had just finished running a fun Half Marathon in the California Redwoods 2 weeks earlier with 18 of my dearest friends in Colorado. I came home on a euphoric high note having completed a goal I trained all year for. And just like that, it was like the lights turned off. The days were much shorter compared to 3 weeks earlier before my trip. My months-long daily routine of running outside before and after work became practically non-existent overnight. I had other choices to continue my runs. Run at home on my old treadmill (which I just sold last week due to minimal use). Next, option was to join a Health Club nearby. Well, for me, “nearby” means an Uber ride to the nearest Club because I no longer drive due to a progressive blindness. And with my Uber and Lyft a constant growing budget item, the cost-saving habit sometimes rules my decision on what rides are worth the expense. Hmmmm … an $8-$10 Uber ride to new monthly membership expense … sounds like an important “Yes” but like many people, I tended to favor saving my money for other necessities. And before I knew it, the long annual sedentary winter months was flying by. Oh the excuses we make when we KNOW what’s best for our health! (warm smile) Exercise, of course, is an absolute must for your happy endorphins. So why do we make these excuses to not prioritize exercise? Heck, who actually feels like exercising?  (warm smile)

That’s when the quote popped up outta nowhere out of the corner of my eye (for those who know me well, that’s a reeeeeally funny comment!). I read a quote that said, “You’re never gonna feel like it” - Mel Robbins. Humph. Okay … So I clicked on the image … which was the first of many, many, many, many, many, many more links to come. I saw the bait, and immediately got hooked. (warm smile) And I’m glad I did. Mel Robbins made an impact on me and my mindset at the time with her no nonsense, tough love, no excuses mantra. She has a feisty, lovable, humorous, professional way about her. What began as “one click” led me down a fun, months-long inspirational journey:

  • YouTube binge-watching session which included Mel’s breakthrough June 2011 TedX Talk
  • Reading her “5 Second Rule” bestseller
  • Watching her CreativeLive Course
  • Signing up for her 2018 Spring “Power of You” (POY) course
  • Traveling to Vegas in mid-May for a quick 2-nighter to attend Mel's 3 hour POY Live Event, meeting 300+ total strangers from literally all over the world who came to see Mel as part of the POY course
  • Meeting a small group of POY classmates simply because they posted within our course’s closed Facebook group saying “Hey, I’m hanging out here at Starbucks and would love to meet anyone who’s interested in meeting before Mel’s event”, a group of ladies whom I still communicate with and whom continually inspire me each day with their stories
  • Standing in line to have a photo taken with Mel who was very gracious and heart-warming with her time to meet all 300+ people. Who does that?
  • And lastly, having the opportunity to travel and explore Vegas’ unexpected gems which included a 25 minute Uber ride south of Vegas, in the middle of the desert, to visit the bright and vibrant colors of a stack of rocks, the “Seven Magic Mountains” Display. Special thanks to the Uber driver who waited around while I took photos because my chances of finding an Uber ride while in the middle of the desert back to Vegas was pretty slim! (warm smile)

Memories you can’t put a price on.

One of the things I loved about Mel’s POY course was the daily video she committed to each day for 2 months. These were not old videos that were reused. We saw new material every day. We were all engaged to help us figure out ourselves, what was holding us back and etc….

I share these experiences with you because we all have moments in life of feeling restless and antsy and looking for that little “nudge”.  It's amazing how much silliness enters our thoughts that leads us to inactionShe makes all our silly thoughts seem just that. Silly. She’s very real and relate-able.

Have you heard of Mel Robbins and her “5 Second Rule”? If yes, what positive changes in your life did you gain from her experiences?  Please share your story below.

5,4,3,2,1 ... just reply will ya?! (warm smile)

2018-05-18 08.00.40
Seven Magic Mountains, South of Las Vegas

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